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October 2015

MORE FUNDING NEEDED!!! We will not be able to support any new applicants without YOUR help. Please reach out to share event ideas, community information, or small grant opportunities. If you'd like to volunteer to help with an event, let us know. 


May 2015

Interested in being a HOAP or A-HOAP provider? E-mail us. Let's have coffee.

Earlier this year, HOAP changed its mission to include our new Austin branch: A-HOAP. We remain dedicated to providing assisting local OCD/anxiety sufferers through treatment scholarships and community support. Our organization has strong roots in Houston and remains dedicated to our mission. However, seeds have sprouted in Austin, Texas. With some founding members moving to Austin, we have experienced firsthand the need for expansion. Please join us in raising the much-needed funds to support the treatment needs of these amazing cities. Stay tuned for more information about ways to donate, get involved, and receive support. HOAP is spreading. 



HOAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to provide financial and referral assistance to individuals and families seeking psychological and psychiatric treatment for anxiety in the Houston area. Through treatment scholarships, we facilitate people struggling with anxiety in receiving quality clinical care in the Houston area that they otherwise would not be able to receive.

Small Support Groups

HOAP is now offering access to small support groups for community members with past or present involvement in treatment for anxiety and OCD. Please email us to get connected!

Personal Stories

HOAP was inspired by a similar scholarship account that was generated from gracious donors to one of our partner providers. Award recipients are saying things like:

"After applying, I was told soon after that I had received this wonderful scholarship. I was able to stay and complete my treatment. Without out your extreme generosity I would have never gotten better. Because of you, I have my life back and have returned to work as a Paramedic again. You have not only saved my life but because of my profession, you have saved the lives of countless others." - Anonymous

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