Scholarships for Anxiety Treatment. Support for Change.

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New: A HOAP for Austin

 As founding members have joined the local community, we realized the great need to spread the support. We are excited to branch out, providing the same treatment scholarship and community reintegration benefits to Austin area residents.

Scholarship Awards

The amount of the award will vary and will be based on these criteria:

  • The financial need of the recipient, as based on consideration of their income tax statement from the previous year, expenses, and sources of income.
  • Initial awards may include the fees for approximately 1-2 months of treatment, only to be renewed after contact with provider confirms satisfactory treatment adherence and evidence of treatment gains. Collaborating providers will be asked to minimally negotiate their rates to further support the recipient. For example, we estimate that 1-2 months of weekly outpatient therapy would cost between $450-$1100.  
  • Following the initial award amount, compliance in treatment will be a significant factor in determination of additional financial support. This will be determined by routine collaboration with the recipient's treating provider(s).
  • The level of care being sought. We aim to assist as many people as possible and will therefore prioritize support for individual outpatient therapy sessions. The struggles of some individuals may warrant a higher level of care, i.e. intensive outpatient programs (IOP) or residential treatment. These applicants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Up to 25 percent of annual scholarship funds may be directed to intensive treatment.

Keep it up!

As a community organization, A-HOAP seeks to help treatment recipients in accessing ongoing support through various community resources. We have established connections with volunteer organizations and other resources that can offer opportunities for a career integration, social involvement, physical health, and peace of mind. Austin is full of creative, helpful people, and we are eager to connect you. Enhancing quality of life are vital for preventing relapse and maintaining lasting, powerful change- and thus, is integral to our mission.